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With the market rebounding these past few days, many people are debating on going 'all-in' and buying the dip. In my recent video, I talk about why DCA is a much better approach.

We also do a deep dive review into @kava_platform 🔥
No one’s paying attention to the fact that #bitcoin and ethereum are getting crushed while altcoins have been neutral or up over the last 6 days.

Yes the macro driven downturn, but someone is purposefully ‘chasing liquidations’ to exacerbate the sell-off and force players out.
With #bitcoin jumping up 7.6% yesterday, relief rally is likely due in June.

In today’s video, we cover our thoughts on where price is heading, as well as a review of @IntegralHQ, a new DeFi protocol focused on large swaps.



Nicholas is an experienced speaker and moderator for panels at blockchain & Cryptocurrency conferences all around the world. Utilizing his in-depth knowledge of the industry, Nicholas draws and captivates audiences with his confidence and charisma.

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