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Alright everyone, what are the biggest issues in #DeFi that need fixing or improvement? 👀

For me:

🔴 High network fees
🔴 Poor user experience
🔴 Key management

Share your ideas!

Helped someone recover $105,000 in USDC today

It was a good day, now let's just hope they use it to buy some crypto...🤠📈

It's amazing how quick #Ethereum has risen to where it is today.

In March, everyone thought there wasn't a chance ETH would ever revisit it's all time highs.

Now with DeFi, enterprise blockchain, and institutional capital...I think we can all agree we're just getting started.
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Nicholas is an experienced speaker and moderator for panels at blockchain & Cryptocurrency conferences all around the world. Utilizing his in-depth knowledge of the industry, Nicholas draws and captivates audiences with his confidence and charisma.

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